Shared Grounding Mutual Nurturing

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Author: Kevin Baker @ 02/06/13 - 10:55 pm

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Have you ever noticed when two living beings touch foreheads? I can assure you there is a lot going on not be-known to eyes. Like the balance of two magnets that touch, the charge does balance.

Most people do touch foreheads, as a comfort to each other, some do this without thought. It is a reach to and an acceptance of the other all in one fell swoop of behavior.

Lots of animals do this, whether or not of the same species is not relevant.

We all crave to be understood, this is a given like breathing, however the acceptance of another and the others acceptance of is equally important.

When two foreheads touch, in less then a blink, every memory, decision made of each brain since conception is shared.

Eyes are the windows to the soul, the third eye is the window to the person, the energy that comprises our life force as a determining entity. The third eye is where we show, share, and accept vulnerability.

We do this, my wife and I, also my children and I as well. This is an intimacy that is whole and complete, there are few gestures that will calm and regenerate a person like the touching of foreheads.

I have also always done this with pets, a companionship that is a stand alone relationship, not shared with any other.

Like all behavior, it is learned, and will enhance any relationship to just take the time, to share a moment or two that stays with a person until the next time opportunity knocks and you share again.

Take a look around you, and look for it, I am sure that somewhere some who and who are doing this, the touching of foreheads.

Till next time, tip's hat

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