Regression Therapy

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Author: Kevin Baker @ 05/26/09 - 11:21 pm

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There are few people who actually understand what regression therapy is. Few whom could explain why its important in becoming a fully functioning person. If you have reoccurring failures in your life. Circles of behavior that leave you wondering. Regression therapy might be your answer.

We all have quirks, psychological triggers and responses that we are aware of and some we are not aware of. This comes from programmed responses instilled into our unconscious mind. Instilled triggers are both healthy and unhealthy. Instilled triggers are abundant and used by the unconscious mind in all aspects of life. From the very simple ones, IE: You put your finger towards flame and the increased heat causes you to draw away.

     There are also the unhealthy ones that cause us severe and usually life long psychological damage many people never recover from. The true mark of an abuser is the instilling of triggers to convince the victim that it is actually their fault the abuse took place. This is a cementing of karma in both the victim and the abuser, the abuser I assure you suffers much more.

     To bring about regression therapy will change not only how you think, it will actually change the energy your cells possess and emit. It will change how people view you, regard towards you, and mostly it will change how you view yourself. Self image is power, either in lifting your person hood or burying it in negatives.

     Regression therapy will release trapped negative energy that is stuck in an infinite loop of recreation that usually results in unhealthy cells. What we all want is to have constant continuous renewal of healthy energy that gives our cells vibrancy, this will also bring about a vibrancy to our spirit and sense of well being.

This is Grounding Effects.

     Going in reverse in your memories and recreating each event in your life that has resulted in the shaping of your personality. Reliving each event emotionally, mentally, will give us a chance to redefine certain instilled triggers that are perhaps not healthy. Reactions in social situations that leave not only you wondering but also everyone around you who does not understand why you react in certain ways most don't.

     Go back in your memories, sometimes to before birth. Can bring about a clarity of self image. It is at this point in our regression we have the choice to change certain instilled triggers and free our self of baggage that hold us back, weigh us down, in achieving the person we were meant to be.

     Anyone can do this. Like everything else it is a choice that anyone can make and bring about either consciously or unconsciously. The difference in result is gaining more power over who you are by your choices and not through outside influence that is perhaps not healthy for you.

     Having the courage to risk all vulnerability to the world and especially to our self is the key to realizing the real truth's that define who we are. The results are worth the effort.

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