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Author: Kevin Baker @ 08/24/08 - 01:42 am

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Manages your personal energies generator. Your nervous system and biofeedback control of you circulations, cell regeneration, and true grounding.

Reflexology is an important tool for maintaining your personal energies.
Take the time to investigate, would be well spent. With benefits of great magnitude.
I have been an acute study of reflexology for near 30 yrs.
I was first introduced to it by a Dr. Mildred A. Carter. A founder of bringing reflexology to north America.
Since then it has helped me maintain my grounding and circulations when needed to heal myself. It has also helped me to find what eluded me at first what this is really all about, quantum energy transfer. When two people touch, entire energy blueprints exchange , knowingly or not , and it is instant, measured in nanoseconds. Every time we touch anyone , energy transfers.
After you have enough understanding of the CNS(central nervous system) and the circulatory system, when you press certain reflex points , your healing energy will travel through the nerves to the point of origin and initiate a restart. When certain nerves stop the natural impulse that regulates circulations to the area, this is when calcium forms around the nerve in question, and it is seconds after it stops impulsing for this to formulate. This calcium is hard crystals, around the nerve ending and explains why when you press on it , it actually hurts, an awakening of the nerve, sending a pain response to the brain telling it the nerve has stopped impulsing and to take over sending the impulse signal.
We were not born with shoes on and our hands constantly interact though climbing, working, etc. Our hands and feet need interaction to stimulate the nerves not impulsing to inform the brain which nerves have stopped impulsing.
This all happens in the deep unconscious mind where autonomic functions run like server software maintenance. Autonomic functions are what the brain uses to keep you breathing, the heart beating, telling you when your hungry, or need to sleep. This is where quantum energy is fascinating to me. The signals that run automatic back and forth behind the scenes so to speak from each cell to the brain and back to the cell. Each signal can travel through any channel of the nervous system or not use nerves and travel at random passing through each cell until it reaches the particular cell in question. Here is the amazing part, the energy can travel by any means though your body and still maintain the address or location of each and every cell. How this happens is my particular point of interest.

Circulation and the maintenance of it is one thing reflexology does as a end result, also the maintenance of cell regeneration. It is not necessary to understand the science or how it actually works, just that it does work and will improve your personal energies and personal health.

I will be adding blog entries on the many different parts to fully understand reflexology, acupressure biofeedback, quantum energy transfers.
1) Basics of Personal Uses. Study of the maps for the hands, feet, ears, face.
2) CNS(Central Nervous System) PNS(Peripheral Nervous System) ANS(Autonomic Nervous System
3) Quantum energy transfer. Advanced Reflexology
4) Circulatory Systems
5) Maintaining Grounding


Make no mistake , this is not a replacement to health care of any kind.

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