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Author: Kevin Baker @ 10/23/08 - 12:27 am

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When people encounter each other. Even if your eyes don't meet. Your minds do.
Say what? Consider the possibility and do not discount what cannot be disproved.
If every one was blind, would racism exist? How are you programmed to respond to others?
Make no mistake, our unconscious minds operate just like the operating system on your computer.
There are programmed in functions based on our cognition's and belief's.

01. If everyone was blind would racism exist?
02. Would the world be different is school's taught how to learn instead of what?
03. Are you gender sensitive?
04. If yes, why are you gender sensitive?
05. Do you know what effeminate actually means?
06. Do you have hidden agenda's?
07. Do you know the difference between guidance and control issue's?
08. Are you accountable?
09. What is being vulnerable?
10. How are behaviors measured?
11. How does Karma effect each of us every day?
12. Is there a difference between Religious and Spiritual?
13. When will a society change it's ideology?
14. How often do you question your motivations?
15. Are you kind to a stranger each day?
16. Do you recycle?
17. How do you know what you hear is truth?
18. What are rods?
19. When will we travel in space again?
20. Will the internet become our television and radio?
21. The universe , does it hold the answers to the mysteries on earth?
22. If we raise our children with out gender sensitivity , will they form better relationships?
23. Are you morally soluble?
24. Are you owned in your person hood?
25. What choices did you make today that make balance?
26. What does it take to break your moral fibre?
27. When do you decide its time to fight back against immoral misprision oppression?
28. Do you use children as tools to occupy another human?
29. Have you used children as tools in politics?
30. Have you made certain that all the children you know are told all the truths?

I encourage comments that relate to questions you feel the world needs to address. Mature Responses Please!

Will be adding question's here on a regular basis.

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