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Author: Kevin Baker @ 12/19/11 - 11:19 pm

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Activity creates activity. Their is a different and varied set of responses to each act. This will depend on the congruency of communication perceptions. Do we really know consciously all of our triggers?

Activity can be an act, a gesture or hint. Activity can be a thought. The resulting act of behavior not showing up in our actions until much later, and sometimes never at all. The thought in origin does create energy. This will be forever and even dispersed will retain the original motivation.

     The ones we are most obsessed towards or most envious of will play the biggest part of shaping our person-hood. Not that they make our decisions. We allow them to influence us by what they do, or say, or what they do not. Some become exactly what they fear they are by trying to destroy what they are not.

     A person you will never meet, may watch your career. Or follow you by tabloid or rumor. Do remember that most think they know from third party information and they are the most ill informed there is. No matter, your influence on them is through your activity, your behavior, how they come to perceive this is not your choice.

     Twice removed activity is the beginning of the snow ball effect. It then will ripple through the masses as an activity with a momentum of it's own. A small pebble dropped in the ocean will affect all movement of the ocean until it reaches all possible shores. Seem impossible to you?

     A person I am aware of and never met, is such a person like the pebble. This person is known as Terry Fox. This person still and forever will be remembered as a person of courageous activity. His mother, is also a person of activity. Even though they have passed our society will never be the same because of their activity and the resulting acts of behavior.

     I can refer to many other entries I have published here that relate to this phenomenon of physiology. How activity will create activity, directly, indirectly and inherently. We think therefore we are. Or are we. Time is a myth of perception. Time never changes, it is always now. It is the what your are doing or intend to do in the now that will result in the now of tomorrow.

     Make a stand for your belief's. You know you are not the only one who wants to act of this activity. Just making the stand will crumble the immediate dominoes that oppress you, with public humility. This will create loyalty of admiration and adversary obstruction by fear. What this activity of standing your ground will do is motivate others of the like to also make forth with their own activity. Make no mistake, you will be mirrored and it will snow ball.

     The indecisive ones say all you can do is not be the same. Poppy cock cowardice. These persons are the cattle and the ones the occupiers through oppression count on the most. They are so sadly duped. Most of these cattle will never act. And just like the chute at the slaughter house, they will each get their turn.

The most dangerous activity is divide and conquer

     Stand up with activity and your behavior will grow like the pebble in the ocean. And eventually the oppressed become the oppressor and the activity becomes the equal.

     The moral line is knowing when you have met this level of energy and this is the time to stand your ground, not needing to push any more. You merely have to wait. The foundation of deceit will crumble and victory is yours. Just wait.

Make not the mistake of becoming what you fear

     In conclusion and never the end, till next time, tips hat.


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