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Author: Kevin Baker @ 10/06/09 - 12:47 am

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The joining of groups is one of two things. Moral or not. Unfortunately for the most part it is not. How many injustices done to others are you aware of and stand by, done nothing? I personally can elaborate to you just how far some will go to oppress the one who speaks up, says the truth, come hell or high water.

There is only one weakness in being a stand up person. You are almost always left standing alone. I have seen my son buried and the truth of why he died swept under the rug, cause its not right in our society to stand up and say the truth. This makes you the devils advocate to all the immoral and the target for both sides to attack.
The immoral cause they are fragile and cannot live in the light of day.
The cowards who didn't stand for others or themselves and they are or become the next victim.

If I stay silent , they won't mess in my life. Saddest myth I have ever heard.

If that is you , they won't have to , you already have.

If you know of injustices done to others and you support those who are responsible. Your karma is jaded.
I truly pity you.

Are we so busy in life that we tell our children don't lie.
Then we lie to them because ...... what ever , its yours to live with.

I have lived many injustices and most of it comes from the greatest of cowards.
Never once is my front door knocked on.
They mess with your life through others who are weaker then them. Pathetic.

You want loyalty. Does that include selling parts of your soul?

The majority of people live their whole life, saying that same lie to them-self.
What could I do all by myself?


To test a person, any person, show them power and they do one of two things.
They use it for people.
They use it against people.

There are no other choices.

Don't live your life as a mannequin, wind up tool, that society bends like the candle in the wind.
Follow your soul and your heart or you will live the only tragedy in life.


The choice is yours and the result is the rest of your life.
How do you want to view yourself, when you wake in the morning.

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