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Author: Kevin Baker @ 09/19/09 - 09:34 pm

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Observation is a tool of reference. It's only limitation is that it is perceptional To open your mind to the many levels of communication so in balance is your observational skills.

We all have experienced the mind blowing revelation of learning that someone we think we know we actually know very little of. This experience is also attributed to the mirror. Do you really know your self?
We are complicated beings and the part that makes us the most complicated is the ability to lie. Even to ourselves. I have observed over many decades that the majority of people harbor secrets. For many reasons as they are explained later but they all have the same result. They all bring the tragedy of life. Regret. And they also bring the only emotion no human can deal with and still remain sane. Helplessness.

If after reading that much and you are scoffing and think you can avoid that karma,
Click the big red X and I do wish you well with that.
For those of you who are more open minded please do read on.

We live in our comfort zones and resist change yet to actually live, change is necessary and inevitable whether we want it or not. Intelligence is the ability to adapt. To resist life's changes is to exist, not to live.

To live in denial is not a crime. To lie to yourself your not in denial and never accept the change is.
This is the beginning of most sad tales that we hear over and over yet they all end the same.
We ask why didn't they just speak up?

Our society says one thing delivers quite another.
It's ok to be human. Malarky, to be human is to offer yourself as bait to a sharks mouth.

We punish anyone who admits to being human. If what they admit is not so pretty.

The first to feed on this are the most superficial of the sharks and they will sell you like meat in the open market. Most people spend amazing time, resources and effort to achieve their desired reputations. To some how the outside world views them is more important than what they feel looking in the mirror. A day will come they truly will be awakened and I don't want to be there. Some people say ridiculous things like, I am not like them, I never have immoral thoughts, I never lie.

A revelation for those who are like that.

If you never have immoral thoughts, just what information are you deciding your choice of moral action on?
If you never lie , how do you recognize the truth?
If you are never like others, what social skills are you missing?
Wake up, the one we deceive the most is ourselves. Fact of life, get over it and get on with learning.

I expect people to make mistakes as we all do this daily. I do not expect others to deliberately lie to me to manipulate me into being that convenient tool they wish to use and then lie about the lie to keep the option open. Karma is karma, if you don't warn others they are about to walk off a cliff, you probably will be doing that.

So what is this entry all about, it seems to be all over the map.
What my simple point is, if you lie to yourself, you will have a real hard time knowing when others are doing just that, lying to you. Get in touch with your instincts, each time you lie to yourself, your ability to survive is being diminished.

If a deer lies to itself about impending danger, more often then not it ends up someones dinner.
If a human lies to itself about impending danger, more often then not it ends up someones scapegoat to a very demented motivation.

Be kind to you, wishing you well , tips hat.

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