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Author: Kevin Baker @ 09/04/09 - 01:41 am

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I think therefore I am. I feel therefore I live. There is such a fine line between what we think we feel and what we actually feel.

Physiology is the study of the functions of organisms.
If you wish to have more influence in your reality, take a serious look at operand conditioning.
This will take you back to your child hood and usually some enlightening tidbits of awareness creeps into your consciousness as to why you are who you are.
There are many forms of conditioning going on in our society. Thousands of them.
We are for the most part a ball in a pinball machine all designed towards one end. PROFIT.
There is few of if any entity on earth that is public and an influencing force that is not registered somewhere as a corporation.
This is not news to anyone who has their eyes open.
The personal side of this in our relationships is not so apparent to even those who consider themselves as aware.
Instilled triggers and the unconscious is where most all motivations come from. And it is also true that many just react to those instilled triggers and think it is the way I am , never questioning the why of such reaction.
We teach our children not to lie. Sadly true most parents lie to their children. At the time we sell out to the """its best they don't know malarkey'" and it is that sad malarkey.
When your children figure out you have been lying to them all along. Expecting trust is mute mmmm.
We put our children at great risk , they turn from who is supposed to be their rock to trust in and they become easy prey to the sharks who are always roving , knowing that most in society are foolish enough to think ""it wont happen to me'''
IF you expect something , in all reality you do have to give it first or you are entitled to your delusion I will leave you to that.

We all do operand conditioning as a manipulation towards the end result.
We give attention and recognition to behavior that is or close to or progressive towards the desired environment we seek.

* Main Entry: operand conditioning
* Function: noun
* Date: 1941
: conditioning in which the desired behavior or increasingly closer approximations to it are followed by a rewarding or reinforcing stimulus.

Being aware of this and what you do with it brings you good or bad karma.
I am here to judge myself , your left to be accountable in the same , to yourself.

Wishing you well, till next time, tips hat.

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