Perseverance Breeds Optimism

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Author: Kevin Baker @ 07/29/09 - 10:48 pm

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How many times we are burned by the users and abusers leaving most of us bitter, resentful and mistrustfully vigilant. This is not your only choice.

Yes yes yes , the sad truth of our society are full of narcissistic people who will tell you anything they think you want to hear to manipulate you into being or doing something for them.

Sadly true the majority of them leave us wondering what happened and why after we give of ourselves. It is very simple, they don't like themselves and are incapable of being sincere to themselves and their only coping skill is to feed and take from others who can.

So many people say that karma is not real. Perhaps there is good reason for this.

Are you wondering through life being bitter, resentful and expecting to be taken advantage of?

The signals we send out are picked up by the subconscious and are usually reiterated back at us. So if you are expecting people to be nice consciously and are at the same time sending out the signal you expect them to not be nice, this results in the in-congruent behavior you are experiencing. People see consciously you are a genuine person but their subconscious is picking up signals that are not in balance with your conscious behavior.

So take a serious look at how you behave and what signals you are sending at the same time.
What thoughts do you really have towards people both conscious and subconscious.

Are they truly balanced?

If you are sending out the signal you expect to be taken advantage of. Quite seriously why are you baiting the sharks with blood in the water if the result of that is not what you really want?
This can lead to a spiraling decline in self-esteem, a circle few break out of.
The results can be serious life long psychological repercussion.

Its up to us to pick ourselves up and start again by not letting the slime of life stick to us.
Some people are yes, sharks. Looking for nothing else except others to feed on.
If your not one of these then the choice to expect others to not be is a valid choice.

Be it as you may. Your choices are yours.

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