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Author: Kevin Baker @ 11/05/09 - 10:22 pm

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How do you change the world by pointing out what is wrong and offering no better solution. How do you change behavior when the rewards are stolen and thwarted by the opportunistic.

The term oxymoron is as misinterpreted as its definition, which goes like this. A combination of contradictory or incongruous words (as cruel kindness); broadly : something (as a concept) that is made up of contradictory or incongruous elements.

To say you are here to help yet have hidden agenda. Example.

A person came up to where I was working on a truck. Jumped up to point out that if rocks got into the channels of a moving part, that the rocks would inhibit or even abrupt the working operation of the moving part. Fair enough all by itself, however then the person went on to say much louder that there was rocks on the fender and that this is the first thing to do. The person was not there to help me, he was there to help himself look better then me by feigning to appear helpful. Truly this is the kind of person you want to avoid as they will shove knives in your back at any given motivation.

     It is so easy to point out what is so wrong with the world. There are so many choices. But I ask in all humbleness. If it were so perfect would there be any point to living? Nothing to learn, nothing to strive for, I feel would be a hollow and empty existence.

     If you are going to point out what is so wrong with anything, make sure you have a viable and workable realistic solution to offer in place of what you feel is so wrong. Or. Your the oxymoron.

     Just like in any situation, there is always what is right with something even though it does not seem apparent on the surface. Look for it.

     Sometimes the balance of our society is hidden in the intricate details of long term effects. Be very careful of changing that balance. Make sure you know all the possibilities of your actions and how they will end before you begin.

     One thing comes to mind most clearly is how some give you information just by making themselves known and they are not aware of it. The fact that this information can be used against them seems to be elusive to them, most have that I am protected and retribution is not possible. Make no mistake about it, it is not only possible, it is very probable and inevitable.

Karma is Karma

     You cannot deliberately mess with peoples lives, especially towards their children and not expect retribution. You are the biggest fool on earth and have not read any history to be so naive. Even David struck down Goliath.
The biggest power on earth is information. And the rich man will sell you the rope to hang him with.

     Make sure you assess all the possibilities before taking on any endeavor to change the world, especially to inhibit others through oppression. Pay back and the balance of Karma is your predetermined destiny and you have carved that stone.

     When advising others or even your children, be very sure you live what you advise, or very likely your talking to the deaf.

Until next time, wishing you well, tips hat.

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