Noetic Energy

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Author: Kevin Baker @ 10/22/13 - 07:23 pm

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Ancient Greeks termed Nous is their term for the intentional, purposeful intelligence that controls matter. Noetic derived from the term nous is your relationship between your self and your inner self , the correlation between nous and form.

Noetic Energy

Perpetuation of the human presence...

The Noetic Field

Ancient Greeks termed Nous is their term for the intentional,
purposeful intelligence that controls matter.
Noetic derived from the term nous is your relationship between your
self and your inner self , the correlation between nous and form.
A noetic field is an interacting energy that has an intelligence
and knows how to interrelate and synchronize with all elements
within a non local language system. Microbiology is the personal
noetic field's base or foundation in origin and present.
The noetic field is a separate intelligent life which sustains,
nurtures any contact on that level.

The Human Energy Field

The presence of the human being. Is unique like snowflakes
No two human's protray energy identical in format.
Atom's as core ingredient. Carbon in design. Chi in function.
It's astounding how much has been written about the energy of living beings,
however there is little scientific data admissible as evidence.
The energy fields surrounding living beings is difficult or impossible to
measure using current scientific or mathematical techniques. However,
the science and spirituality communities are on a merging course.
Eventually, we will have monitoring equipment that can display an
individual's auric state and balance's thereof the different levels.
New science, consider the universal characteristics of energy.
Quantum physics theorizes that energy and matter
are interchangeable,also the String Theory suggests differences
in physical matter are merely variations in energy vibrations.
In carbon copy fashion, each human is composed of Energy
in the form of body, thought, and spirit. Energy does not emit
or display from a person,the energy is the person, the personality
core or the human self. Understanding or this concept is a basic need
in maintaining a persons energy field and body in harmony.
Since the body is a manifestation and accumulation of the human presence,
dis-harmony in the balances within of the energy field will eventually cause
disfunctions in the body. As the human energy field is out of balance,
as the body will be out of balance. As we are balanced.

Your mind creates your world.

First comes the thought, then comes the word.

From the word springs the deed, and the deed

soon becomes habit. Eventually habit hardens

to form character. We are products of our inner thoughts.

Defined::: the human aura field as

Materiality or substance (a form) present around each person.

Bound by will, both genetic, and conscious.

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    All rights reserved world wide by

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