Most wasted natural resource on earth

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Author: Kevin Baker @ 02/08/09 - 12:53 am

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It used to be a expected and accepted practice of our elderly remaining as guide to the family unit until they choose not to be. Now they are shoved aside for the most part, for many various reasons of which I will not validate. Our elderly are the most valuable natural resource in this life, combined with the fact they all desire to help those that walk through life after them. Why then do some people shun them with blind ignorance.

When one of my elders bothers to take the time to even speak to me, I LISTEN.
I do more then listen, because to me its a blessing they interrupt their day to give. When this happens it is usually a helpful hint that is designed to make my life easier then what I am making it. Where would the logic be in disregarding that. There isn't any.

     The wisest quote I have ever heard goes like this.

A wise person learns from others, only a fool learns from themselves.

     As I was growing up I went through periods where I viewed the help as annoying and that they could not possibly understand me or what I was going through. I was at these times in a self imposed prison of denial and deceit. Sometimes we are left outside life, most times because it is what we choose to be. These times I now look at as the wasted years, for progressing as a person was non existent.

     Now i go way out of my way to watch and listen to my elders for they know stuff.
They have vision , and objectivity that we, being emotionally involved with ourselves are sometimes not capable of.

     Is being ignored, chastised and shoved aside motivation to grow old and wise.
I hardly think so. Yet this is what our society does to our elders. Why? If we are in such a hurry to succeed , why not listen to those who can tell us how? Seems to be a great oxymoron in my view.

     We are rushed to grow up, driven by our operand conditioning. We are rushed to find success through our adulthood. We are rushed to the grave when we are no longer allowed to contribute to society. These are the three largest flaws of modern society , my opinion.

     It has been said through out all history and all formulations of societies. When the elder are not listened to it is the beginning of the end.

     When is it going to dawn on all of us that experience and wisdom is a far better guide then blind stubborn pride.

     Live the quote I have shared with you. Turn to your elders and ask for guidance, it might surprise you to no end just how willing they are to help.

     The well placed hints are blessings, make no mistake on this.

The most wasted natural resource on earth is our elders. Do not participate in this bad karma


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c o m m e n t s (1)
Very well written. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Mine are on

I will visit more of your articles and look forward to more dialog with you.
Harley Petersen - 11/30/11 - 01:36 pm

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