Misdirected Intentions

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Author: Kevin Baker @ 04/11/09 - 02:03 am

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Ever wonder why some are over aggressive in challenging you. I have a theory, that will work in regards to most of the motivations. Its about never being right or good enough syndrome. Fear of rejection is appropriate to most others that is not covered in the first.

When its to important to be right. This is a overcompensation for having been oppressed and denied acknowledgment of achievement. This can soon become an obsessive compulsive behavior that quickly accelerates into unhealthy energy.

We all crave to be understood and even further then that to be accepted after being understood. This is where parents especially need to pay attention. Children will knock themselves out to gain that one look of approval. So make sure you keep this in balance and actually do that.

Each time a person requires that immediate feedback from a high need to achieve. Give that response. Acknowledge that fact they did something right. Some people recognize this and feed on it. They never give that response unless forced to or you achieve complete perfection.

It can twist a person up to the degree they start to detach and draw away from their own humanness which soon becomes hardened character that is widely misunderstood. Which leads to more misunderstanding and more detachment. It is a vicious cycle to break out of.

Anyone is vulnerable to this. We all have that desire to be understood. We all require to have pride in our self that our life is of value and accomplishment. You can know within your self that you have done good. This is not a replacement to the basic human need for acceptance.

As a suggestion, the next time someone is overly aggressive towards you or about a point of interest that does not warrant such aggression. Step back a bit in your mind and try to access the motivations. It just might be misdirected and not even related to the topic at hand.

Make for good karma, give the benefit of the doubt that things might not just be as they seem.

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