Karma is Karma

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Author: Kevin Baker @ 09/19/09 - 11:39 pm

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We are faced with the dilemma of do what is right or do what appears to be best for us. There will be 1000's of these instances arrive in your life. First they start out to be insignificant and trivial. The real repercussions of what we choose are usually realized much later.

It is beyond obvious that all principals of physics revolves around balance. Everything has an effect and the results of that effect, affect our lives.

I cannot stress the importance of this concept enough.
If you send energy into the world, the balance of this will come back into your life.
If not today, then one of the tomorrows. Balance is inevitable and unavoidable.
Not only myself, many people have seen the indisputable evidence of this.
The one who instigates into other peoples relationship they are jealous of. End up alone in life.
The one who instigates slander into other peoples lives. End up standing alone.
The one who deceives the one they are with end up punishing themselves.

Justice is a human trait. We are hardwired to adhere to it. Fight it and you lose part of you.
We as a society got our wake up calls about global warning and the chemicals we introduce to the environment.
The myth they won't effect who started them was dispelled and quickly.
Awareness is not the only tool needed to bring about change.
Voluntary participation as a society, all of us are required to bring about social change.
Each do your part to recycle, however this is a muted effort if the corporations and governments that impose these rules on us are not following the example they put on us to make up for.
Imposing rules on others and not following them as an organization brings about the anarchy you wish to dispel in the first place and the circle of hypocrisy goes round and round.

It is just to easy to point the finger and say its their fault.
It is our fault. Especially if you do not stand up and speak out.

We as a society suffer the results of all our mistakes.
This is the balance.

To the people who help create that balance and do so with no recognition in mind.
I am acknowledging you and yours.

This is follow up to my entry titled. Courageous People
Tips hat.

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