Indecision or Helplessness

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Author: Kevin Baker @ 07/12/09 - 05:27 am

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How many times in this life we are faced with indecision or helplessness. Many. Perseverance and the lines of communication with nature alleviates our path.

Each day we are all faced with indecision. What appears to be misfortune is more likely then not a guiding path to prosperity hidden within the struggle.

To be indecisive is not a negative dilemma. It is the process we all go through when we are either ignoring the obvious or just not listening to our nature.

Indecisive :
Function: adjective
Date: 1726
1 : not decisive : inconclusive 2 : marked by or prone to indecision : irresolute 3 : not clearly marked out : indefinite
— in·de·ci·sive·ly adverb
— in·de·ci·sive·ness noun

Function: adjective
Date: before 12th century

1: lacking protection or support : defenseless2 a: marked by an inability to act or react b: not able to be controlled or restrained
— help·less·ly adverb
— help·less·ness noun

Marked by an inability to act or react.....mmmmmmmmmmm.

When your in doubt of how to decide. Follow your nature. It will guide you to the solution.
When we are born , it is a gift. Not business. Not politics.
When we die, it is a surrender. Not business. Not politics.

There is a quote that comes to mind ....
In all the really fundamental decision's of life the final decision is best left to feelings.

What we think, what our emotions sometimes appear to say, neither are your feelings. Your feelings come with that overwhelming knowing that what we feel is the path to take.

You can sure tell I am male :) , I communicate with pat's, grunt's and well placed hints.
Listen to your skin for it talks, the tingles are confirmation.
The chills, the uncomfortable crawling are the sign's of foreboding bad karma.

The gift of life is free will and the ability to decide.

The choices are ours to make, the results are felt by the entire planet.

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