Human Energy Transfer Basics

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Author: Kevin Baker @ 07/19/09 - 05:16 pm

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Some still don't believe that energy transfers back and forth between us. To think that way is archaic given the new awareness of quantum energy and its viable future in science, agriculture, health care , etc.

When two people touch energy transfers. This is unavoidable as the physics of our own molecular structure make up depicts this.

How you think and view other people is felt on a unconscious level and determines how they treat and interact with you.

Any two people know if the other likes or dislikes the other. It is felt , and unmistakably so.

I have experienced the effect of grounding another persons energy , this can be done many ways.

The one I wish to address is reflexology.

After I work on a persons hands, feet, ears, etc. As I am knowing of more then 3000 points to work on. Any persons energy changes. It renews where needed, clears blockage allowing the new energy to flow freely. More then 650,000 people has confirmed that they sleep better. They attest to having better apatite and actually change their diet with the most reported change being the craving of clean water. They are more relaxed, think more clearly and have a more grounded energy stance. This results in stress being easier to address and deal with. Things that stressed them out to much no longer have the same affect on them. Problems are solved much quicker and the turning of negative to positive becomes habit, instead of compounding negative to being a mountain instead of the mole hill it really is.

Physiological results are formulated by the creation and the continuance of relationships. They are either healthy or unhealthy the choice is yours to continue or evade.

What I find so exciting and personally satisfying comes when years after people come to me and tell me that their life is better and learning to maintain their personal energies has improved their quality of life for them and all that surround them.

On the main site under downloads is a link to reflexology charts. These are the ones that I have found to be of some use in understanding our nervous systems makeup. Do keep in mind we are not robots and where a certain response should be, it may not be. You will find it in a slightly or drastically different location. All people are different but yes we are basically carbon copies. The maps are good guides in generality, not concrete nor can any map be 100% accurate.

Information is power. The more you understand how your energy works the more personal power you will have within yourself.

Base your moral value on Karma. It is real and unavoidable. All energy in the universe revolves around the principal of balance. With out this chaos ensues.

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Though i don't usual like to comment, occasionally i know i need to. This is one of those times, cheers for your fantastic post. Obtaining my to comment is usually tough, but that post was definitely worthy. I just want to say hi and tell you that i will be back cheers for that! Your post has brightened my day and thus i can safely make a comment I can now truly say that i have been converted into a loyal fan!
I hate to comment, but for your post i am going to give it a try. You've gained a loyal reader my friend

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Have been reading this blog by means of rss for really sometime now, i wanted to finally make a comment and say hello. I should put in some effort since you definitely do.
Been reading this blog for awhile but i have been lazy to drop a comment and say thanks. That ends today: Thanks mate!
I adore this blog and every thing about it. I have been reading it for awhile but have yet to say hello. well...Hello!
Fantastic post and it is definitely worth a comment from me. You might have earned a loyal fan.
I have been around for a although now, i consider myself a loyal reader. Just thought i would let you know!

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