Hierarchy of Humanness

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Author: Kevin Baker @ 09/30/08 - 04:08 am

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The most imposed phenomenon on earth is comprised from one ideal. Nothing lasts longer then a perverse idea. To believe in the myth that any person can be of a higher existence than their fellow human. Is to belittle yourself with delusion and deceit, goes hand in hand with the next largest ideal. If you can contrive the political perception that you are not what you really are, somehow your karmic destiny is avoided. Its your choice.

We here on earth are presented with free will. The ability to decide. The choices we make are related in reflection to our human parts. Soul , Heart , Brain , Ego. Though each choice we go through our cognitive database to ascertain which attributes of reflection is best joined with a perceived path of resulting reaction. We consider how we feel about living with each choice, within ourselves. We consider how our loved ones are affected. We consider what our pier perceptions might be. We also consider how we are viewed by the general public.

Is it really important where we are packaged. Many people I meet have OCD tendencies as to where I am supposed to fit in relation to them. For what reason, I am not curious. I walk around this and carry on with my own agenda. How I fit to my inner person is what I focus on, I wake with myself and have to face who I am.

The term hierarchy. A noun that describes an abstract pyramid structure. < a hierarchy of values>
Stands out in my eye and depicts to my perception how our society is formed, implemented and acted out.
We choose to have moral values or we choose to sway them in hope of personal ego. Ego, the eye or self which is conscious and thinks. All emotions revolve around the self. Feelings are for both for our self and others. And they are combined in what we feel towards our existence situations and circumstance. Do not confuse the two, they are very different in origin, we blend to much the confusion of what is an emotion and what is a feeling. A emotion is complicated, feelings when separated are concise.

Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural hi·er·ar·chies
Etymology: Middle English ierarchie rank or order of holy beings, from Anglo-French jerarchie, from Medieval Latin hierarchia, from Late Greek, from Greek hierarchēs
Date: 14th century

1: a division of angels
2 a: a ruling body of clergy organized into orders or ranks each subordinate to the one above it ; especially : the bishops of a province or nation b: church government by a hierarchy
3: a body of persons in authority
4: the classification of a group of people according to ability or to economic, social, or professional standing ; also : the group so classified5: a graded or ranked series , a hierarchy of values.

The hierarchy within us is the deciding factor. Do I let my soul guide me today? Do I let logic rule my direction? Do I let my love lead me forth? Do I let my emotion sway me? Choices, the spice of life in essence, the foundation of our karmic destiny. Make no mistake, you for the most part choose your path, conscious or unconscious. Knowingly or not.

Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English humain, from Anglo-French, from Latin humanus; akin to Latin homo human being - more at homage
Date: 14th century

1: of, relating to, or characteristic of humans
2: consisting of humans
3 a: having human form or attributes b: susceptible to or representative of the sympathies and frailties of human nature
- hu·man·ness Listen to the pronunciation of humanness -mən-nəs noun

To be truly human or of humanness, being inconsistent is expected. Mistakes we call them. But are they really mistakes or just plain part of being human. We strive, we fall, we strive again. This is expected, and accepted in being grounded. On a good day I make 200 mistakes, on a bad day I make 400. Perception of each being the only important one is delusion again. Do not wallow in your mistakes, they are your ammunition to avoid making larger ones. Think on that awhile. You will see this is true.

Misprision ::::
What happens when groups of people do when they join together in a perverse ostracizing of one individual. This is a rampant OCD display of mental illness amongst all bodies of social interaction. To participate in this with no personal knowledge of the individual is one of the highest forms of cruelty we can impose upon another. Why would you? What personal gain do you delude yourself in believing is to be achieved?

This reminds me of when I would say , I don't like a particular kind of food, yet I had not tried it yet. How foolish and manipulated I was in trying to fit to how the world says they want or don't want to perceive me as. Now I know, I like all foods, I have not found any that I don't, given that I have actually experienced them.

Be kind to yourself and accept your inconsistencies, your stepping out of what we try to hold onto in our values and morals. Just keep trying, however do not lie about the truth of who you have been or you will lose touch with who you are now. Redefine your values and how they fit into your day to day existence. Evaluate yourself now is much easier then when we pass. That judgment day is real, and we judge our self. How do I know this, well quite frankly, I have been clinically dead twice. hopefully three times I don't get lucky. I do desire to see a particular date before passing on.


The hierarchy of humanness resides within ourselves. The hierarchy of our society is myth. We place ourselves with each choice, and our motivations for the choice is of moral fibre, moral value or lack there of.

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