Hidden Agenda

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Author: Kevin Baker @ 11/29/09 - 12:06 am

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There is an obvious pattern of slips that are key indicators of a person's hidden agenda. The things they say or don't say, do or don't do. They add up to the obvious conclusion that they are not capable of dealing within them self what is really going on and end up spewing cheap shots and instigation to bring you to where they are in a desperate attempt to ask for help with out having to ask.

The slips that happen in seemingly no pattern are the pattern. They show up usually in verbal inconsistencies that apparently have no warranted relation to the subject at hand and are completely incongruous in personality behavior. They are a cry for help.

When I recognize this, the last thing I will do is actually help them. If you love a person more then they love them self they will resent you for their ineptness. IF you do help them they will hunt you relentlessly to prey on your humanness to the point of obsession. There is no win until they are done suffering needlessly and come forward on their own.

What is the true motivation for this mental illness. Ask someone when they show this behavior , however seriously do not expect an honest answer. Any one who is so out of touch with their own inner self is not usually capable of interpersonal communication on any vulnerable or intelligent level.

I grew up on the street. I used to think that street fighting was a blood sport. The real blood sport is politics and having to fight against a faceless coward who is not capable of finding the front door on their best day. They always insulate themselves through many layers of treachery. They are the saddest of us all. Hollow and empty, so incapable of being human they live detached and rarely develop any kind of meaning in their life.

You can say a lot and there is actually having something to say.

What I have encountered in life is the multitudes of people who willingly participate in politics and none of them know what is actually really going on. The pawns of life. Minions who I can attest to are not capable of standing on their own, this is why they usually travel in packs.

When you are matured and your time will be spent unfolding all the events of your life.

Do you really want to have regret. Or do you want to look in the mirror with real pride

If there is anything you have done or participate in that cannot be talked openly and publicly. You will experience the extent of karma and regret that most are motivated in the behavior that creates it in delusion of the same avoidance.

Think through all of your true motivations and consider if you can really live with yourself and the karma that comes with the action of behavior. Karma is unavoidable, make no mistake of that.

The accumulation of small bad karma soon festers into a disease. The most common is mental illness that is merely being unbalanced. Having gone against your own nature, if you fight against your own nature you will always lose as the unconscious is the majority of your brain. It will over come the influx of ill fated information even if it has to self destruct itself.

Hidden Agenda is the cause of most all unnecessary stress in our lives.

Normal stress is healthy, unhealthy stress is what should not be yet some people continue to believe they can avoid the third party karma that goes with allowing or participating in what they know they should not.

Tread carefully. Regret is life altering and usually permanent. Avoid this as much as possible by simply being moral and vulnerable.

Till next time, wishing you well, tips hat.

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