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Author: Kevin Baker @ 08/08/09 - 12:15 am

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I have been asked many times ""Just what is Grounding? "" So here is a more elaborate in depth look at what it is that I do when I ground a person.

Lets start out with the definition as found on Merriam Webster Dictionary.

* Main Entry: grounding
* Pronunciation: grau̇n-din
* Function: noun
* Date: 1644

: training or instruction in the fundamentals of a field of knowledge

Grounding can be applied to any field or subject. Here we will address grounding of humans.

Grounding a person is as difficult or as simple as they want it to be.

Grounding of yourself.

Learning to ground is acutely studying the energy of yourself which includes all other life forms.

Assessing the root causes of why a person is un-grounded.

Addressing the cause directly and with vulnerability. Complete disclosure.

At this point you have two chores set forth in front of you.

1. How to regress to the original decision and correct the corruption.
2. How to alleviate the others that your behavior and actions thereof have affected.

Grounding is learning about the human energy field, what it is composed of, how it is displayed and dispelled.

Our cells have the same molecular communication skills as all other life forms.
The built in autonomic functions that regulate cellular regeneration.

Grounding is looking in the mirror and seeing much more then just the reflection.
Looking at your behavior and the real why you do behave the way you do.
Looking at your past and how it leads up to who you are by the choices you have made.

Grounding is the evolution of your awareness. The growing of your understanding about yourself.

Grounding Others

Once you recognize yourself and the feelings that go along with that recognition.
Is it a far cry to apply that recognition to any other person? It is as easy as recognizing yourself.

If another person is distressed, you feel it, not just see it.
Apply that empathy of what you feel from them and remembering how you felt the same.
Remembering how you corrected the feeling and brought about the healing of your energy.
Sending to the other person the signal or combination of signals of the process as you had lived it.
Combine this with bringing about the conscious awareness to the person involved as to exactly what their energy is like and most importantly their awareness of """"WHY""".

Almost all people will change in their energy once they become aware of it.
If the change is not apparent on an immediate response.


This person understands and does not want to change. OR
This person truly does not understand and is not open to being helped.
Either way , really back off and let them find their own center.

This rarely happens and I have found almost all people are open to being grounded. Who would not want to feel better? Grounding works only when its invited and welcome. I have not met any person who is not grateful for the change grounding brings for them.

Grounding is sharing with empathy.

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