Grounding is a feeling not an emotion !

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Author: Kevin Baker @ 12/19/08 - 09:22 pm

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A great confusion exists still about the difference between a feeling or an emotion. Fine line that overlaps near continuously but not completely. What I found most confusing is the actual definitions of these two entities also overlapping in context. My interpretation towards """grounding""" .

What does grounding mean to you? How do you define it? Leave comments please. As a varied amount of perception leads to a more clear and concise result.

Grounding to me is a feeling. A very concrete and certain state of being calm in my consciousness as well as my unconscious, my physical cells and spirit. Permeating throughout my entire person hood. A unmistakable surety, not an emotion. I perceive emotion to be about, for and through my ego or consciousness. Emotion is a chemical reaction from the brain that travels through the blood, actually creating atmospheric change. Ever consider why children are more closer to the mother's personality then the father's in the first few years? This would be the result of a coping program created during pregnancy when both child and mother share the same blood. We are capable of coping with life by what we learn and rarely but not unheard of, our expanding and creation of new personal dynamics.

Grounding is being certain, unmovable in conviction, a knowing. It has no emotional base though emotions spring from this state of mind resulting in personal confidence. Grounding comes about during those rare moments we are actually calm, still, suspended. During panic or anxiety to ground oneself and achieve this state to me is the most valuable coping skill. Something you want a Dr. or paramedic to have when your broken and perhaps bleeding profusely and they know how to react or act in the result of saving you.

Grounding is having done everything possible to avoid what you see will obviously go wrong. So much influence in our lives come from other factors. This is not always avoided. Oh well. I tried. When assisting others, be it giving information, physical labor, financial etc. Do what you can realistically without putting yourself at unnecessary risk which will result in being ungrounded. Trying to hard, I have done this which in turn leaves me doubting my intentions and motivations that I started out with.

Grounding brings me peace. Beyond value. Beyond comprehension of my conscious mind. The results of which last sometimes for the rest of my life. Through physiology and how we effect others, the results can last forever. What our lives amount to is our legacy. How we are remembered or reflected upon. We all desire to be remembered, a validation of our person hood that no human can honestly not want.

Find your grounding , its worth more then any material known to humankind.
A personal quote.

Make no mistake, Karma is the ruling balance of all thinking life forms. And balance is inevitable.

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