Essence of the Human Being

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Author: Kevin Baker @ 12/07/11 - 03:15 am

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The essence of the human being is elusive only to one species, itself. The only way to recognize another human's essence is to know what yours is. Most human beings will go to any length to hold on to the myth that what they are is some how private information.

The human essence is a signature, unique to all and never repeated. It is not possible to recreate a human's life, every decision made since conception. Cell divide is an act, driven by an intelligence we have not defined by any science applied. There is a way though, to know what this is. It is a learned behavior. The instances of communication not yet explained through out the earth's entities is vast. We are more blind to the world around and within us then we are the surface of the moon. Our species is obsessed with knowing the outside from ourselves yet try talking to another human about what is actually going on inside them, most all will turn and hide.

     Today there will be no more hiding, I will today say what everyone has thought and yet very few have ever admitted to. The core thought process that manifests survival. The perpetuation of the human race. We are the most insecure beings. We are not capable of sharing. We destroy all other life forms that stand in the way of our selfishness. We will in fact destroy our own kind to pursue that selfishness. And sadly for the most part keep that selfishness hidden from even ourselves.

     Have we evolved? Are we more intelligent then our ancestors. For the most part I think we have digressed. Through out history, the earth has maintained its own balance. I feel quite strongly not being a fatalist that the time of the human race here on earth is a small window, a snap shot in the movie of time. And soon enough especially with the releasing of carbon back into the atmosphere, that window is much more narrow then we first anticipated. If we ever believed in immortality, then why would there be the obsession to believe in the after life thing. Underneath all your consciousness which includes the unconscious there lies understanding of all things. It has always been there.

     Contentment is not wanting what you want, it is wanting what you have. This essence of your own thought process is what motivates you. Drives you in all action. This strife for contentment is an illusion. We were born with this and yet spend the rest of our life pursuing what we already have. I find that beyond odd.

     The essence of the human being is the humanaura. Is an accumulated noetic field of all your energy created by cellular transmissions resulting from the decisions conscious, unconscious and autonomic since conception that is formulated into a blueprint of cognition's. © The humanaura defined.

     Being able to admit to one's self the true reality of all our thoughts, not just actions as we all have so many we do not act on, knowing that if shown, will change how others appear to perceive us. This is a double edged sword of illusion. The dance or explanation to the whole world is a stage and the more you desire to believe your own thoughts are somehow private the more you will buy into what your sold as the appearance of others.

     To even begin to learn how to read the essence of the human being all starts with my most favorite saying and is also on the main page of this site. © Be vulnerable carry no baggage. Do you actually understand the entirety of what I just said. I believe most will never do just that, understand. Not entirely. It is an easy concept to perceive if we do not have any false pride.

      I once had a good friend, in the form of an Akita bear canine. When I was unable to be where we lived for to many days, not left unattended ok, this animal never knew what a collar was and never understood hunger. I was approximately nine miles away in a house where he had never been and was driving a vehicle he had never known. When another occupant of the home called my attention to a whining and scratching at the door, I opened it up to find my friend, he was screaming in his mind, why are you here, when are you coming back. It was my turn to be confused, just how did he know where I was.

     In conclusion and never the end, be careful what you share in public, be even more careful of what you share with yourself. Revelations are most powerful experiences.

Till next time, tips hat


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