Courageous People

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Author: Kevin Baker @ 11/09/08 - 08:49 pm

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To be of courage is to overcome our silly and prideful impulses to reach to others, instigate, and generally just play out vicious and despicable acts. If you keep your unhealthy and false pride in check. You will be rewarded with the good karma of others not ensuing the same energy towards your person hood. This is how we can heal the unhealthy energy on earth that we are all responsible for.

Take Charge of your life

How many times do we all participate in the unhealthy politics. Only to feel, live through deep regret, especially the repercussions of karma "What goes around, Comes around". To believe you are somehow protected from this balance of energy in the universe is the most dangerous behavior you can possible have. Dangerous to you and everyone who is close to you.

    We all have to endure the results of the players, who instigate against us, and against our loved ones. Only because they are cowards not capable of finding the front door, or incapable of looking in the mirror of life. We all wake and dream of the mirror of life. This is unavoidable as breathing is.

    Choices and making the right choice is the only thing we can do against such "evil", and I call it this because this is where real evil comes from "False Pride". Choose to not react. Hard as that may be, is your only win card to play in this game. Choose next to not pass it on. This leaves the players against you with nothing left but the mirror to look at. Which will help them or destroy them, either way you win.

    Who is in control of your life? Is it really you or are you swayed by manipulators and instigators?

"Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts."
--Albert Einstein

       Every time you resist the unhealthy impulses , you become stronger,
the world gains a notch towards the entity we all say we want.
""""To live in Peace""""

        This is only possible through our combined management of Karma, which governs destiny, making balance in life just like the touching of two magnets, it is unavoidable to stay unbalanced.

        Step around the hurdles, jump through the hoops, do your due diligence.
        Don't just talk about it, act and follow up to make sure of the results.



    Take your time in life, evaluate each choice you make and consider if the choice you want is truly of your moral fiber. Life is not a rehearsal. We only get one chance each choice to make it right the easy way. Yes we can come back and fix things. Also an act of courage, but why not avoid and prevent this by listening to your instinct.

©   2008 Kevin Baker
All rights reserved world wide by

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