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Author: Kevin Baker @ 04/23/09 - 11:25 pm

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There was a television commercial I once took notice of as a child. A bank commercial which I wont name because that would take away from the conveyance of what I am about to say.

What does commitment mean to you. The answer is very simple and comes not from what you say. The answer comes from what you do.

The feeling of living the commitments we make is not said with words. This feeling is shared, known, however it is not to be abstracted by mere words of description. The feeling deserves more then words. You either know it or you don't.

The result of this feeling can be described. In my humble opinion one simple sentence says it all.

Saying it is one thing, meaning it, that's another.

We can discus the side we all know, the side that is painful and does change us,

I wish to talk about the results of the other side. The side that gives us meaning, courage when needed and the drive to finish what we start. To stand tall and fearless on the front line against all odds. What gets you up in the morning and go through your day overcoming all the objections to reaching what we all live for.

Peace and contentment

Resonating and permeating through our very cells. The energy of what we leave in trace elements where ever we go. What ever we touch. The resulting circle of life is how we are remembered and what we change by standing up, speaking out and not backing down.

For the moments when peace flows over us. We look around at the world and sigh. Knowing we have made a difference. Achieved a plateau.

New mountains await us tomorrow but in those moments nothing else matters except what we feel.
Nothing can take that away. Its ours, we have earned it.

I have had the honor of knowing many people who are of commitment. I am remembering them now. My hat is off, my person hood aside. Take a moment to know you are not forgotten. Nor will be. The power of energy and what truly does keep the balance has noticed you. Of this I am certain, not a wish.

No matter where you go or where you go. Remember two things.
Validate with uninhibited vulnerability the people who live the commitments they give.
Validate yourself by taking the time, savor those moments and bask in that feeling.

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