Change how you think changes your life

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Author: Kevin Baker @ 10/07/09 - 01:22 am

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I talk about physiology being the most powerful force on earth. Physiology is created from our brains, how we think, what we value and are committed to. Every thought we have creates or generates energy. The human mind makes an average four hundred thousand decisions per minute. So given that, we are a hosted variety of energy creation that can result in positive or negative results.

What you live through and expel is the healthy exchange we participate in through out our lives. Healthy aura's are constantly expelling and renewing at a rapid rate. When we allow outside influences that are negative build up in us and not expel or pass on to others, this practice looks like the right thing to do in theory however in practice most confuse what appears to be right and end up doing what is not healthy for the self.

Yes I agree when people do us wrong , do not go out and do to others the same thing,
This is not what I am saying.

What I am saying is do not be the island and hold things within the self which are clearly meant and designed to diminish your life. Speak out whats what, especially to the others who are sending the unhealthy energy your way.
Speak out what you create and think is perhaps not so pretty or right to be thinking. This risk of vulnerability will purge and strengthen you. The more energy your capable of processing and expelling the more energy you are capable of creating. This would be how you grow your presence and strength of character.

We all have impure thoughts. What do you decide on that is correct if your not considering the alternatives?
To err is human. The only crime is pretending to others and especially to yourself your not human.
If you don't make errors, how do you know when your not? Not possible.

There are many relationships we experience in life, however there is one relationship that determines the success's and the failures of all others.

The relationship with the self

If you with hold things within the self. The odds are you are suffering needlessly.
To avoid being human is the greatest indicator of mental illness. We have all met these people or have been such a person. You know, the ones who say "all is fine" all the time or "I am always happy" or "I never think that way"" or etc etc . That list is large and all people will go through these process's in our experience we call life. The maturing and developing imperfect creatures that we are.

Please keep in mind that errors are correctable and mistakes are what we are not of the courage to correct.
Judging others human behavior as a mistake is deciding that you are not possible or not willing to address the same within the self.

Changing how you think will change your life. The only thing holding us back is courage to face what we are already in fact are. Not perfect.

I make about 200 mistakes on a good day, 400 on a bad day.
What is the deal with holding on to that. Ever here that expression don't sweat the small stuff?
Well then don't. Speak that out and let them go. Fear not for tomorrow you have a couple of hundred more to go through :) smile now that is funny.

I have one request.

Be nice to you!

Till next time, wishing you well, tips hat.

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