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Author: Kevin Baker @ 09/27/09 - 02:39 pm

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Studies support that the highest influence on aging is the imbalance of your energy. Sleep deprivation, prolonged stress disorders which are brought about through anxiety or imposed outside influences will age you prematurely if not checked and dealt with relentlessly.

There are two ways that stress is induced. The first and main one is self induced through fears, anxieties, emotional channels of personality that been improperly nurtured. The second is of course what others impose upon us through personal, business and societal relationships.

Any imbalance will directly result in the possible disruption to many of your autonomic functions.
Lets concentrate on the parts that we as individuals can control or change.
The ways that this can come about are astronomical and can also come about from the accumulation of little events or issues that seem unimportant at the time.
These imbalances can be addressed to alleviate the imbalance also many ways.
When others play those endless mind games that are designed to drain you of energy.

Energy Vamps

They are cosmic black holes and they are under the delusion that what they send out is not coming back or I assure you they would not send it in the first place. The pity of them is knowing that rude awakening is coming and they are deaf to all the common sense and warning signs.

Don't be the Island

The most important start to this healing process is not harboring the unnecessary.
Find any way you can to purge your perceptions and speak out what you really feel.
It does not matter how you accomplish communications. whats important is that purging.
Energy that is trapped in an infinite loop will always result in unhealthy cells.
We are energy beings, carbon in design, chi in function. We are not alive unless the energy is constantly being replaced and renewed. IF your energy is stagnant you are surviving, you are not living. And just like money in the open market that is generating less than the index of inflation. It eventually is crushed and becomes over ridden by expenses, dwindling till there is nothing left.
If you are willing to take that first step with courage and risk vulnerability by purging the rewards are massive in its accumulating results withing your aura. You will sleep better. You will eat better. You will think more clearly and your emotional buffers will increase and you will deal with stress with more ease and decisiveness.


It is not news to say that people who are uninhibited mentally live longer.
It is not news to say that people who are emotionally balanced live longer.
It is not news to say that people who ignore their instincts ............ you know.
Manage your mental health as strict as you can with out causing what you are trying to alleviate.
The key to balance is knowing our boundaries and staying within them.

Moderation in everything including moderation.

Supporting References

Prolonged Stress Responses

Sleep Depravation

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