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Author: Kevin Baker @ 03/28/09 - 01:45 am

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Finding your grounding is realizing what removes your grounding. We go to sleep each night, wondering if we have made the right choices. Moral fiber is what joins us to our souls. Many answer this question without realizing what it actually is.

Our life here on earth is the accumulation of all our choices. When death is at our door. That judgment day is real and the hard part , is to judge yourself. Can you publicly declare the true motivations for all your choices? If not then perhaps you need to address yourself in the mirror and ask why not. We all have immoral thoughts or we would not know what moral thinking is. The result of our choice is not what we think, its how we feel, it is created from our motivations. To sit back or worse to participate in immoral politics of oppression is to accept the consequences of whom your protecting. This karma follows you home, effects your family.

If you feel you can avoid this reality, i wish you well with that. There is no point to reading any more.

We all are owned in one way or another to the corporations of the world. This reality will never change. It can be the greatest thing if they were run with the foundation of human morality as the base. But are you owned in your person hood? I feel the choices we make to accept certain truths as the only choice is to give up on our human determination to perpetuate life. To accept that there is no other choice except what we are told is against our very nature to ensure the continuance of our human race.

The life we are experiencing is the greatest miracle. To wake in the morning and watch the sun rise each day is a blessing, a treasure to be held close to the heart for having experienced it. The moments of the miracle of life is the beauty we behold each day, I also have the hypocrisy of taking for granted when caught up in the day to day chores of survival. None of us are alone unless we choose to be. None of us are alone unless we no longer have our self to be friends with.

No human is of perfection , however we can be perfect. 100% effort and we all do this from time to time. It is the worlds solace to the injustice we impose on the earth. Their are so many great people , making the right choices each day to improve life here on earth , even if it seems to small to be significant.

Do not sell yourself out for having given

Change comes from the progression of each choice in accumulation. Each time you make that choice of morality the world for all of us and those who walk the earth after us will be better off for it. Make no mistake, you have helped to bring balance. Your children who entrust us with their very lives , look to you to guide them to what is perceived to be happiness. Contentment of ourselves is momentary. We must strive endlessly to create the moments that bring about contentment. These moments come from having made that right choice, knowing that beyond all oppression, we did make that choice and are not backing down from it, regardless of the punishment for not being herded.

Take the time to ascertain your contribution to the progression of the human existence. We can only hope for balance, for the utopia or being perfect is forever elusive to the human being. Not a negative interjection, quite the opposite. If we were perfect, life would not be life, it would be merely existence and truly boring.

Make balance in life is the goal of success , and every once in a while............
we gain a notch towards the morality of our society.

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