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Author: Kevin Baker @ 08/24/08 - 01:42 am

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For the nubee beginning and wanting to understand the many uses of Reflexology.

We all want to feel good, sleep well, be healthy all around. Reflexology will help anyone achieve this. I use this daily and it takes me less then five minutes a day. I use my fingers for my face and ears, also a soft wooden spoon to work around my hands and feet. I would like to warn you not to use any hard surface tool such as metal or plastic as the nerve being already sensitive pressing with a sharp or hard tool could result in damaging the nerve ending. I would also like to warn everyone about overstimulating or working spots that are tender to much. Once activated by pressing our brain will begin to heal it as fast as it allows. Trying to force this process can bring about a state of shock to the nerves in question and they actually begin to not respond until left alone long enough to self regulate.

Start by getting familiar with the maps on hands, feet, ears, face.
You can download a free copy from the main site.
Gentleness is most important when beginning as some nerves not being active over along period of time can become encased in calcium crystals.
When they first break up from being pressed it is possible to rip the nerve apart being to rough.
Press all over your feet, hands, ears or face, taking the time to do the tops and bottoms, sides etc.
When you find a tender spot, work all around it working towards the center of the area. Do each spot only once per day.

If you have a particular health issue you can be specific in finding the points that will help you by reading my humanaura book that also can be found on the main site.
Inside the book it explains each chakra and the associations to our bodies organs and psychological functions. There is also a chart on the chakra's at the very end that will give direction in finding specific body dysfunctions and the organ's or gland's associated with that particular issue.


Make no mistake , this is not a replacement to health care of any kind.


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